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With thousands of projects delivered, and collective decades of experience in the space, Big Squid brings the credibility and authority to real-world business challenges.

How Do We Do It

What We Offer

Big Squid will integrate with your team bringing with them a disciplined and structured process to quickly and effectively deploy any enhancements to your Data & Analytics solution. Starting by defining your business objectives, we’ll guide your team through the deployment from data aggregation and preparation to data visualization and storytelling to identifying business drivers that can me managed to influence the desired outcome on the business.

6  Optimize

5  Engage

4  Visualize

3  Prepare

2  Connect

1  Define

Experienced Team of Consultants

Advanced Analytics & Machine Learning

  • ML Readiness Scorecard
  • Predictive Analytics Solutions
  • Automated Machine Learning
  • Operationalized to the front lines of your business.

Advanced Analytics & Machine Learning

  • Data Warehouse Architecture
  • ETL - Extract Transform Load
  • Master Data Management (MDM)
  • Data Governance

Business Intelligence

  • Data / Analytics Technology Implementation
  • BI Audit Scorecard
  • Descriptive Analytics Solutions
  • Diagnostic Analytics Solutions

Analytics Strategy and Managed Services

  • Assessments and Audits
  • Vision and Analytics Project Roadmapping
  • Project Management
  • Training and Enablement
  • Long-term Analytics Staff Augmentation

The Analytics

Value Journey

Big Squid offers world class consulting resources to be your sherpa on the data value journey. From data architecture to automated prescriptive solutions, we’ll help with strategy and carry the extra weight to help you achieve more value with your data investment.

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