Coaching Through Your Second Predictive Model

On the other side of your initial Predictive Toolkit Deployment our customers have one completed predictive model and a dashboard empowering the business user to proactively adjust tactics and strategy to impact the desired outcome. Our Customer Success team will work directly with your team as you build out your second predictive model to ensure you have the coaching and guidance you need to be successful using our solution on your own.

Engaging and Supporting Your Team Through Solution Rollout

Once a model has been completed, a dashboard featuring forecasts on your metrics has been designed, and an action plan is put together, our Customer Success team can be a resource to help you roll out the solution to your team in a manner that enables the right individuals to understand what action can be taken to better steer the desired outcome.

Executive Stakeholder Visibility

Often times in software deployments the day to day users derive incredible value from the software at hand. Communicating that value to executive stakeholders can be lost and decisions to discontinue that software can be made ultimately at the detriment of the department/users engaged with the software solution. Our Customer Success team will work to ensure that the value derived from the tool is communicated upward to the executive stakeholders so there’s visibility on how the software is impacting the desired business outcomes.

User Enablement

Training and support is a critical component to user adoption and successful deployments of any software application in an organization. As your predictive solution is rolled out to a broader audience, our Customer Success team will ensure that the users understand how to use the solution to better impact their roles and responsibilities.