The Michael J. Fox Foundation has partnered with Big Squid to augment the power of Domo. By integrating the Predictive Toolkit, the Foundation can gain thoughtful insights into constituent behavior and scale donor engagement.


Prior to engaging with Big Squid, the Foundation relied on descriptive and qualitative trends to assess donation proclivities for returning donors. Accordingly, it was challenging to resourcefully plan ahead and optimally engage constituents.


By leveraging predictive modeling, The Foundation can reliably anticipate upward and downward shifts in donor involvement and budget spend accordingly.


“Partnering with Big Squid and Domo has catalyzed a cultural embrace of analytics at the Foundation; data and tenable insights are now easily accessible across the organization.”
-Luba SmolenskyAssociate Director, Analytics


With the help of Big Squid, the Foundation has constructed a predictive model which delineates 2016 donation tiers based on meaningful attributes of returning donors. This quantitative approach underscores which constituents would benefit most from supplemental outreach, empowering the Foundation to deepen relationships with members of the PD community.