• Not many standardized reports or views available in aggregate
  • Siloed data made aggregation difficult
  • Multiple individual logins over dozens of systems
  • Not able to Identify personnel and ancillary personal expenses to staff appropriately


Falck manages their business through a CAD (call-and-dispatch) system, which houses billing information and key data points for operation. In case of emergency, they run thirteen separate CADs; each with their own login and separate power generator. Aggregating the data for operations from these thirteen different systems became a major challenge. Prior to Domo, Falck had to log into each CAD system, as well as their financial and operational data separately to gather the information needed to present KPIs to executive management. After investing over a year implementing their financial reporting system, Falck was eager to find a partner that would help their Domo implementation run smoothly. Falck and Big Squid worked together to create a plan to pull data from their multiple data sources and roll out the Domo implementation across the organization. One of the reports Falck, USA sends to their HQ in Denmark focuses on forecasting. Falck turned to Big Squid’s Predictive Toolkit to help them with this.


Domo has had the biggest impact in time savings for Falck’s National Director of Financial Reporting who was previously logging into the 13 separate CADs and 21 payroll instances and aggregating data manually. She now uses Domo to see everything at once. With their investment in Big Squid’s Predictive Toolkit, Falck now uses their data in Domo to forecast MTD, QTD, YTD, and Next Year revenue and expenses. They also use this forecasted information for budgeting and RFPs; allowing them to become proactive with their data and more efficient with expenditures. The Predictive Toolkit has also armed Falck with information that influences decisions to keep current contracts compliant and to bid on contracts when it makes sense. Looking to the future, Falck will continue to rely on Domo and Big Squid’s Predictive Toolkit to understand their data and forecast business outcomes to make smarter decisions, faster.