Colony American Finance (CAF) partnered with Big Squid to be among its first customers to leverage the Predictive Toolkit, a forward-looking software application built on Domo’s business optimization platform. CAF is currently leveraging the Predictive Toolkit to analyze, segment, and predict customer behavior, allowing the company to create specific marketing campaigns that more efficiently target potential customers who have a high probability of closing loans.


Prior to the Predictive Toolkit, CAF was challenged to understand if a new lead or opportunity had a high probability to close a loan. Through advanced metric forecasting and predictive modeling, Big Squid was able to help CAF identify key attributes that define a successful customer profile with over 90% accuracy – all by running historical customer and transactional data through the Predictive Toolkit.


The Predictive Toolkit has provided CAF with the in-house ability to leverage machine learning and predictive analytics to further augment its Business Intelligence platform. Because of its adoption of forward-thinking initiatives like the Predictive Toolkit, CAF recently won the Innovation Award for Non-Bank Lenders, presented by the National Real Estate Investor magazine and the Information Management Network.


“The Predictive Toolkit is a game-changer for data- centric companies such as Colony American Finance. It enables companies of all sizes to introduce predictive analytics and machine learning without the cost of hiring or outsourcing to data scientists.”
Matthew MarchChief Information Officer


The Predictive Toolkit created a model that has accurately identified the six key data attributes that predict whether or not a customer will close a loan with CAF with over 90% accuracy when run against historical data. The identification of these six data attributes, along with the data ranges for each attribute, allows CAF to predict which opportunities are likely to convert. This allows CAF to spend marketing dollars more efficiently and to prioritize lead gen/lead assignment activities within its CRM.