what is predictive toolkit?

An application that allows non data scientists to harness the power of data science with ease.

  • It's easy.

  • Select your data.
  • Choose what you want to predict and what you suspect will have the greatest influence.
  • Start building scenarios and visualizations on the results.

Hassle Free Machine Learning:

So many algorithms, so little time. Relax, we’ve done all the work to bring together the best of machine learning in one place. The Predictive Toolkit automatically analyses your data and compares multiple different algorithms to find the best fit. Doesn’t that sound amazing? Now you can spend more time running your business without the worry of finding a few extra hours to complete a PhD in Statistics and Computer Science. What a relief.

Scenario Manager:

Applying Machine Learning to your data is only the first step. The Scenario Manager feature of The Predictive Toolkit lets you use predictive models to make a meaningful plan of action. Having fun with the data means you can craft multiple scenarios that help you understand the different possible outcomes, and narrows your focus towards greater success.

"Enabling predictive analytics and machine learning is the ultimate goal of any advanced business intelligence program. We are excited to be an early adopter of this powerful platform that will empower Colony American Finance to further leverage one of our most important assets - our data." --Matthew March, CIO at Colony American Finance