Big Squid Offers World-Class Consulting For the Domo platform. As a Premier Partner with Domo, Big Squid has helped more than 400+ Domo customers deploy their first initiatives inside of the Domo platform.

The Big Squid Difference

During the data preparation phase of the initial deployment, Big Squid uses proprietary software integrated with machine learning to produce a deep analysis and data discovery which leads to the discovery and confirmation of the business drivers that impact the outcomes being measured. Using sophisticated statistical analysis we can confirm experiential bias, or uncover new business drivers that, when acted upon, can lead to significant performance improvements.

How do we do it?


It's no secret that actionable analytics need to tie directly to a business objective. Executives often ask the questions “Are we winning or losing?” and “What needs to change to improve our performance?” We'll work with your executive stakeholders to define business objectives, and design a solution that will answer the key business questions that drive desired business outcomes.


To fully harness the potential of the Domo platform, it can take multiple data sources to derive the visualizations that will drive your business forward. During the initial deployment, Big Squid works with your data specialist(s) to connect, transform and prepare your data to produce the visualizations exactly how the executives need to see them to make business decisions.


Big Squid Consulting has developed thousands of visualizations in the Domo platform. Not only do we work on the visuals with our customers, but we also make sure the customer has the ability to harness all of the features and functionalities that are embedded in the platform to engage your Domo users and optimize your business.

Our experienced team will guide you through the initial deployment process to ensure a successful rollout while, concurrently, empowering your users to continue building and expanding the use of Domo.

Need help beyond your initial Domo deployment?

Our highly-trained MajorDomos can facilitate several roles in your application of Domo, whether your need is technical or strategic, educational or administrative. With a MajorDomo on your team, you can reap the full benefits of Domo and champion your data initiatives.

DOMO POWER: As a power user of Domo, a MajorDomo can provide you with best practices, organization and administration of your Domo platform.

ENABLE OTHERS: Our MajorDomo will train your team and act as a Domo mentor, while building a roadmap to increase engagement and governance in your Domo instance.

DRIVE ADOPTION: Adoption of Domo across your organization is at least 25% higher when a customer has a MajorDomo. By providing you with the resources to develop standards and onboard new users, a MajorDomo can help others to realize Domo’s capabilities.