Founded in 2009, Big Squid is focused bringing the power of machine learning and AI to business decision makers & unlocking the hidden value of a company's data. We built the Kraken platform to automate the ML model deployment process, while leveraging your existing analytics team and technology.

The Golden Metric guides us.

Our value is our clients success.  Define it.  Achieve it.  Exceed it!


Freedom with accountability.

We have unlimited freedom with the highest levels of expectations--we are our own CEOs.  We never let a client or team member down.  We unplug to recharge so we can be our best. We know mindful effort and high output requires a fully charged battery.  We are disciplined about work-life balance.


Innovation is praised...execution is worshiped!

Perpetual beta!  We never stop innovating so we never stop growing.  We own our ideas & innovations and we execute on them.


We are honest and we don’t make excuses.

This enables our growth and limits surprises.  We speak openly and with candor and care.  What we say always comes from a good place.  We take ownership of what is ours.  We set and manage expectations.  We never let our team, partners or clients down.



The way we work inspires happiness and awe in our squad, our partners and ourselves.  We work together.   We thrive outside the box and we are not uncomfortable with a lack of structure or definitions. We make the most of it and see those situations for the opportunities they are.


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