How do we do it?


  •  We work to understand the drivers of your business outcomes and develop solutions to provide actionable insights on your key metrics.
  •  Big Squid uses best practices in business intelligence and data visualizations to tell the story.
  •  We empower executives to better understand what drives the business outcomes they manage.
  •  And then we bring the areas of the business that can be manipulated to positively influence the desired outcome into the limelight.

With Big Squid, You Choose Your Own Path

Path One: Internal Team Enablement

Big Squid will integrate with your team bringing with them a disciplined and structured process to quickly and effectively deploy your first BI initiative. Starting by defining your business objectives, we’ll guide your team through the deployment from data aggregation and preparation to data visualization and storytelling to identifying business drivers that can me managed to influence the desired outcome on the business.

Path Two: BI Consultant for Hire

If a longer term BI resource is what you and your team need, Big Squid can fill that role in a big way. We’ll start with an initial solution deployment to learn how we most efficiently work together. Now, with one game-changing solution in place, it’s Big Squid’s goal to earn a “Trusted Advisor” status in your organization to rinse and repeat these game-changing solutions across multiple business objectives, use cases and departments.