Automated Machine Learning

for Business Intelligence

Taking the "Analytics Value Journey" without automated Data and Analytics technologies is extremely time consuming, difficult, and expensive. That’s why we built Kraken. Big Squid's Kraken platform brings Automated Machine Learning to your existing Data and Analytics team and technology, making it easier to scale across your entire organization.

Data Value Journey

Speed up your Analytics Value Journey. Taking the "Analytics Value Journey" with existing Data and Analytics technologies is extremely manual and difficult.

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Maximize Your Data &

Analytics Investment:

Kraken integrates with your existing data and analytics technology. From your data warehouse to your data visualization tools, Kraken adds the power of Machine Learning to every component.

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Operationalize Your Data:

Kraken brings the power of Machine Learning to the front lines of your business. Whether by enhancing your existing BI visualizations with more proactive insights, or…

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Enhance & Scale Your Analytics Team

With Kraken, your valuable Data Scientist resources can now scale across more members of the data & analytics team.

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Kraken automates the selection of the right family of algorithms, as well as the scoring of the various models produced with your data. It also streamlines and automates your...


Kraken adds the power of Machine Learning to the planning and action plans for your biggest business initiatives. Now your Data Scientists, Business Analysts, and Business Decision Makers can...

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